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Body, Mind & Spirit Medicine

through Yoga, Breath-work & Meditation 

Hello, I am so glad you are here and joining this place of togetherness on this journey Home. This beautiful, terrible journey inward.  Everything you need is here, to get started in your Practice and in yourself. Explore our recorded Yoga & Breathwork or take a course with me.

Happy Winter Solstice ✨❤️ ✨_The aggrieve

Mental Grit 

Physical Tenacity

Spiritual Endurance

Join me for this 6 week Yoga, Breathwork & Journaling course where we journey together into ourselves.

Explore our truths.

Radically evaluate our place in this Land, World, society & Global family.


is complete with everything you need to know to get started in yoga, filled with lovely slow classes, and deeply explanatory classes.  

is where you will find the breathing practice videos, which are indispensable when it comes to mental hygiene, and physical health.

holds our advanced practices and harder asana breakdowns, you will find Vinyasa flows and Ashtanga Practices here.


Welcome to everything you could want for a healthy, mindful, prenatal experience. With meditations, prenatal Yoga, discussions on birth and breastfeeding this channel is all-inclusive for a intimate pregnancy experience.

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