Who am I?

I am Cheyenne!

Who we are can't be explained it has to be shown.

Characteristics about ourselves can be said but each as unique to one person as the next.

But having to write out an intro to all of you I'll do the best I can.

I am founder of Three Medicines Longhouse.

I am a creator and Three Medicines Longhouse's creation came to be with a lot of thought how how I want to continue to impact the World at large. Behind me is a group of amazing individuals making this place what it is.

I am a wife and a mother.

I am sober and believe in clean, integral living.

I have been practicing Yoga for almost a decade now! (when I first started I couldn't reach my toes in a forward fold! or hold plank)  And have been guiding people through Yoga for almost just as long.

I believe in our Roots and intertwine all my Native practices to create healing for me, and help others find the same.

Over the last decade I lived in six different states, and have landed myself in Pittsburgh PA (for now!)

I believe in living an Art filled life.

Yoga and movement is my Art.

I believe we all have an Art that we perform and bring into Physical existence, mine is show through my Yoga and movement and motherhood.

What is your art? And who are you? What characteristic would you describe yourself with?

We are all just walking each other home.

-Ram Dass

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