Ganesh, I am sure you have seen his face before. He is the Elephant- Headed God who is so loved in India and well known outside of it. He is one of the most well-known of the Hindu Deities.

This year his birthday is being celebrated September 12th-23rd, the Hindu holiday is called Ganesh Chaturthi.

There are a few stories of his birth, one that I have heard the most starts with his mother. Goddess Parvati, devoted wife to Lord Shiva, she wanted to take a bath, she asked Shiva's bull Nandi to watch the door and let no one in. As she was lathering herself in oils and turmeric paste, much to her dismay Lord Shiva walked in! She was angry that Nandi did not listen to her, Nandi listened to Lord Shiva first.

The next day she was to bath again and from her own flesh, oils, dirt, and turmeric paste on her skin she created a handsome boy and breathed life into him. She made him their son, and asked him to stand guard as she bathed. When Lord Shiva returned he was confused to see the boy and wanted entrance into his house, the boy denied him entrance. He became angry and ordered Nandi to defeat the boy. The boy fought the Bull hard and long and won. Shiva became so angered at this he cut the boys head off. Goddess Parvati came out of her bath to see her boy dead and became so angry the water of the rivers and oceans started to boil, and the mountains rumbled. Lord Shiva feared her anger could destroy the entire cosmos. He pleaded with her and promised to bring the boy back. He sent Nandi off to find the first head of an animal facing the north, and an Elephant is what they found.

There is a reason for everything. His large ears remind us to listen and reflect, instead of talk. His large head represents Knowledge and wisdom. The ax he holds, to cut attachments we hold onto, and the rope to pull us forward. His large belly, to remind us take the good and the bad in life, ALL of it.

That is mt favorite part right now. Taking ALL of life, the good and the bad, it is all FOR us.

The obstacles I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually are the blocks that have come to be in my body, mind, and spirit while on this earth, which means they do not have to be there, which means we can overcome them.

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