Deconstruction & You.

I like to use the word Deconstruct, and Deprogram instead of Construct and Program when talking about working on our physical, emotional and mental health because we have already been Programmed, its time to deprogram.

Our entire lives since the time we were born and can see our brains start to get programmed, with triggers, senses, memories, knowledge, hormones and feelings. Everything that we do, see, think and feel leave a imprint somewhere on us, physically, emotionally or mentally. Our brains and bodies have been overloaded with sensitivities and memories and everyone's is different. Everyone has been through their world sightly different, a smell triggers a different part of my daughters brain than mine. A word touches a memory different for you than me. Our precious brains have been programmed. Trying to program over an already existing program is hard and can leave gaps.