Intentional Living

What does Intentional Living mean to you?

Are you fighting time? Fighting your thoughts?

Fighting your physical Health?

Fighting your mental Health?

Is overwhelmed a daily occurrence for you?

Does your mood switch from really energatic to completely done and exhasted with no inbetween?

Are there people taking space in your head, when they shouldn't be? Having trouble in personal relationships? Anxiety and depression prey on you?

The Intentional Living Mentorship is for you.


For ten years I have been helping woman and men achieve what they need, physically, emotionally and mentally with a whole Mind, Body and Spirit wellness approach.

Now I want to help you.

Signing up for this Mentorship you will get everything and more to start your path to Intentional Living.


With Bi-weekly phone calls/ video chat, weekly emails and Goddess

Card readings sent to you.

Complete plan on what Yoga classes to practice, and how often.

Your own classes personalized for you uploaded to The Yoga Commune for convenience.

 Journal Prompt recommendations weekly and talking through them together.

It has everything to really transform.

Your Body, Mind and Spirit.

I believe we can only have a healthy Mentor relationship with Transparency.

There will be no gimmicks from me to make big bucks off of you, ever. Ethics are so important to me.

For One month it is 160$

For Three months 


For Six months


Payment Plans are available and it is completely fine if you want to try it on for size before you pay in full, there are weekly options!

If this interests you and you do not believe you can afford it, Scholarships are also available.

I enjoy being physically strong. _It mea

Email :

 if you want more information, or are in need of a payment plan or scholorship.

Or Click the Link below to be brought to our Plan page.