Three Medicines Birth

Our Course has Six Modules and lasts six weeks. One week dedicated per module.

Here is what you can expect from each one.

Pregnant Belly

The Beginning:


Learn how to choose a Doctor or Midwife. 

Journal Prompt with questions to ask your provider.

Learn about the advantages of natural birth, induction, epidurals and Cesareans.

Pregnancy Musings 

Prenatal Yoga

Optimal Birth Positioning

Why it matters to get your baby in a good position.

How to get a baby in a good position, why this matters for birth and postpartum for your pelvic floor.

This will be filled with 6 different Movement, Prenatal Yoga and Birth Ball video classes for you to take (and will explain how and when to take them) to help you and baby get into a good position.

Image by Alex Hockett

Primal Preparation



Learn the importance of connecting to your instincts and primal power.

There will be birth visualization classes to explore your primal birthing voice and bodies instinctual language.

Learn how to handle a long birth, a short birth and everything in between with different techniques to breath into the intensity.

Baby's Grasp

The Unexpected

How to handle changes in your birth plan during birth.

Learn techniques and empower yourself through these possible things.

What a NICU stay may look like.

How to heal from a Cesarean

Toy and Onesie

Clearing the Emotional Path

Entering Motherhood is a wonderful pathway, that can be clouded by other things.

Emotionally prepare for birth and motherhood by working through Journal Prompts.

There will be 5 Journal prompts & different video meditations & ceremonies to help clear the heart & mind.

Tomato Soup

Ceremony of Postpartum

Create your own Ceremony for Postpartum.

What you will need, what you may want, what you don't want.

What you can expect day by day of your postpartum for you and for your baby. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

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The course will be 6 weeks long, each week focused on a different module of the course. Every week will go through our booklets and module followed with twice weekly office hours were we can chat ask our questions and engage in community.

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