My Name is Cheyenne

 What is yours?
Welcome to Three Medicines Longhouse
This is a place of community, growth & wellness.
Your place for everything wellness.

WE are A Community

A community based in transformation. Together we heal, learn, love and grow.

Three Medicines

Mind Medicine

Body Medicine

Spirit Medicine

Circular Wellness 

We believe in having a multiple faceted approach to living well.


Mind Body & Spirit

Are brought together with integrity and Intentionally to create balance within us and our community.


This Birth Course is to help us find our roaring birth voice and to grieve the past births and prepare for a wonderful postpartum. 

he main objectives of the course are.
- Optimal Birth Position
- Clearing the emotional path
- Connecting to Primal Instincts
- Knowledge over Fear
- Ceremony of Postpartum

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